I'm not Happy with my Current Phone Provider



Is your phone provider letting you down?

Here are the top five complaints we hear:

  1. I need to make changes to my phone system, and I can’t get any help

  2. My phone service isn’t reliable, these intermittent outages are not acceptable

  3. My phone provider is hard to reach and won’t return my calls

  4. I’m stuck with an out-of-date phone system with no way out

  5. I think I’m paying more than I need to for my phone system


The Solution

ESI’s Cloud Phones for Lawyers™ is a turnkey system that eliminates all the issues you encounter with other phone system providers. ESI is committed to making communicating easy and our pledge to you is:

  • The ESI team is here to help you every step of the way. We start by delivering complete pre-programmed systems, we’re standing by to help you add extensions and equipment, and we’re always available to train your new hires

  • With better than 99.999% uptime, ESI’s advanced network of data centers assures that you’ll have the best service continuity

  • ESI knows that your phone system is mission critical to your practice. We don’t care how large or small your phone system is, we’re always here to provide the support you need

  • The Cloud Phones for Lawyers system is designed to make certain you are always up to date

  • We’ll help you compare your current phone costs and if we can’t help you save or become more profitable, we’ll tell you

Sound like you?

Imagine, running your practice from any location and any device with a telephone system designed specifically for your needs today, and one that grows with you for tomorrow…that's Cloud Phone for Lawyers.

ESI has been in the phone system business for over two decades. As a company, we have delivered over 350,000 systems and millions of phones. With the corporate motto: We make it easy to communicate, ESI is committed to providing you with the best, most useful, and most efficient solutions to meet your needs.