My Old Telephone System is



The Problem

If your old telephone system is reaching its end-of-life, you're experiencing issues with reliability, or your firm is growing and you need to add equipment to an already out-of-date system, ask yourself:

  • What will it cost to keep your old system up and running?

  • Do you long for the bells and whistles other law firms have at their fingertips?

  • Does it integrate with your other systems?

  • Will it maintain its reliability?

  • Can you upgrade or expand it, or do you need to start over?

The Solution

ESI's Cloud Phones for Lawyers™ takes all the worries out of owning and maintaining a state-of-the-art telephone system for your law practice. ESI's security, redundancy, and award-winning equipment is an unbeatable combination that delivers real value and a new sense of freedom.

ü ESI's Cloud Phones for Lawyers combines unmatched technology with the latest advances assuring your service no matter where you work

ü Cloud Phones for Lawyers is adaptable, so when you're ready to take more space or open a new office we'll be here to make the transition easy for you

ü Cloud Phones for Lawyers includes all the features you expect from a modern VOIP system, including the ability to make and receive calls from any device

ü With a variety of equipment designed for different needs, ESI's Cloud Phones for Lawyers is both cost-effective and customizable to your specifications

ü Cloud Phones for Lawyers not only works with your smartphones, it seamlessly integrates with your primary desktop applications

Sound like you?

Imagine, running your practice from any location and any device with a telephone system designed specifically for your needs today, and one that grows with you for tomorrow…that's Cloud Phone for Lawyers.

ESI has been in the phone system business for over two decades. As a company, we have delivered over 350,000 systems and millions of phones. With the corporate motto: We make it easy to communicate, ESI is committed to providing you with the best, most useful, and most efficient solutions to meet your needs.