I'm Starting a New Law Firm



Starting a new law firm?

Dealing with all the details of starting a new law firm can be daunting. From office space and furnishings to hardware and software, a telephone system is just one of many critical decisions you'll face.

Here are 5 considerations for selecting a telephone system:

  1. Cloud vs. On-Premises – ESI offers both, but we strongly recommend a cloud system. Why? The Cloud provides more functionality, flexibility, and saves you money. You eliminate substantial installation costs and cloud systems can grow as your firm does

  2. Budget-Friendly – Cash is king when you're starting a new firm. With ESI's Cloud Phones for Lawyers™, you eliminate the upfront equipment purchase costs. At a time when you need to conserve cash, a small monthly payment is the way to go

  3. Get the Right Equipment for Each Use Case – If you plan to employ a receptionist, that person will need a device capable of managing and directing multiple calls. Your professionals may need integration with one or more applications to manage contacts, notes, and billing records, and your lunchroom only requires a simple device. No reason to pay the same cost for each device, get precisely what you need for each use case

  4. Turnkey Service – We take care of all the details. Each phone in your system will arrive pre-programmed to the user's specific requirements. Simply plug in your new phones and start making and taking calls

  5. The ESI experts are here to help you - With more than two decades selling, installing, and managing telephone systems, the ESI team has seen it all. We can put our expertise to work for you designing and implementing your telephone system so you can focus on your other priorities

Sound like you?

Imagine, running your practice from any location and any device with a telephone system designed specifically for your needs today, and one that grows with you for tomorrow…that's Cloud Phone for Lawyers.

ESI has been in the phone system business for over two decades. As a company, we have delivered over 350,000 systems and millions of phones. With the corporate motto: We make it easy to communicate, ESI is committed to providing you with the best, most useful, and most efficient solutions to meet your needs.