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A Webcast You Won't Want to Miss!

ESI-Legal and ALA present an important discussion on maximizing your communications!

Go All-in with Voice, Video, and Text Communication in a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work environments require optimized communication channels and strategies and a greater emphasis on mobility. Formerly nice-to-have features like mobile apps and call forwarding are essential to stay connected with customers and coworkers. Quite simply, a landline phone system is no longer going to cut it in a remote world.

This webcast covers the following:

  1. Assessing key challenges and strategies to accommodate a mobile workforce/hybrid work environment and how to alleviate them
  2. Leveraging phone and video to effectively handle complex or sensitive discussions
  3. Consolidating your communications on a single platform to reduce costs and make training, deployment, and upgrades easier
  4. Expanding call-handling capabilities to provide a faster and more consistent customer experience
  5. Protecting attorney personal phone numbers from unnecessary exposure

Learn how you can improve your communication system with a unified VoIP phone, text messaging, video conferencing, and security solution.

George Platt, President & CEO, ESI-Legal
Brett Burney, Principal, Burney Consultants

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